Advanced Distance Course

The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Distance Course

Accredited in South Africa by Register of Exercise Professionals SA (REPSSA) with 12 CPD Points.

The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Programme has been running successfully in the United Kingdom and South Africa since 2011.

All of The Pole Studio’s Instructor Training Programmes have been specifically created to equip instructors with the knowledge and skills to become competent and safe professionals within pole fitness. 

The skills and teaching methods that students develop during the courses are transferable skills that can be applied to all levels of pole fitness instruction.

This means that with the right training, instructors can have unlimited potential in terms of planning new and challenging classes each day. 

Instructors are encouraged to continually self-develop and expand upon their syllabus and repertoire throughout their career.

The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Programme Distance Course is assessed by practical and written class plan assessments. All assessments must be emailed and videos uploaded via the internet (Please see Recorded Assessment Guidance).
Trainee instructors on the course will study the features of Advanced Level teaching. This includes how to progress students safely from Intermediate Level to Advanced Level moves on the pole. The Pole Studio’s teaching structure and methodology is used to deliver Advanced Level class plans.

Trainee instructors will learn how to create their own class plans, as well as create routines. Health and Safety for Advanced Level and Spotting is also covered within this course.

Theoretical studies include; Pole Fitness & Functional Training, Learning & Teaching Styles, Ethical Conduct, Insurance, Alternative Class Planning Templates, Teaching Method and Health & Safety in Spotting for Advanced Level students.

The Pole Studio recommends that students commencing the Advanced Level course should have been training and developing their skills after taking their Intermediate Level Instructor’s course.
 Once students have successfully completed The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Programme, they will feel confident and ready to commence teaching Advanced Level classes, under supervision from an experienced Advanced Level pole fitness instructor.

Students can also progress onward to study The Pole Studio Handspring Course.

The Pole Studio thoroughly recommends that all new instructors undergo a substantial amount of supervised training with an experienced pole fitness instructor, before teaching alone.

Why choose to do The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Distance Course option?

There are many benefits to choosing the distance learning option. If you are unable to attend a face to face course, you can instead study from home at your own pace. Distance course students can usually complete The Pole Studio Advanced Level Training Programme in approximately 60 hours. 

Please note that those who are experienced in Advanced Level Pole Fitness will not take as long to complete the course requirements. 

Students may take up to 12 months to develop their pole fitness skills, practise instructing and hand in all of their assignments. The 12 months begins from when students enrol on the course.
The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Programme Distance Course is more cost effective and less intensive than the face to face course. However, Distance Course students do need to have access to specific equipment in order to fulfil the training and assessment requirements.

The Pole Studio Advanced Distance Course Content Overview

Pole Fitness Then and Now
Look back at the history and origins of pole fitness to understand the roots, before looking at pole fitness in today’s society.

What is fitness and why would you want it? How do you lose weight? How do you build stamina? Learn about the components of total physical fitness and how fitness is improved through pole fitness classes.

Warming Up and Cooling Down
As part of The Pole Studio’s class structure, learn how to safely guide your students through a thorough warm up, before the pole fitness part of the class even begins. Then, cool down ready for rest and relaxation at the end of the workout. Mobility, pulse raiser, stretching, general and specific. Learn the theory and rationale behind warming up and cooling down.

Knowing the functions and anatomical labels within the human musculoskeletal structure will greatly improve your pole fitness teaching. Understanding which muscles are working to stabilise, lift and control each part of the body. This will help you to guide your students safely through the manoeuvres, improve their technique and prevent injuries.

Management & Safety
This vital part of the course comprises of a lot of information that a pole fitness instructor needs to know. There is nothing more important than the health and safety of the students and the instructor during a pole fitness class. From disclaimers, to insurance requirements, to the poles and the studio itself, all elements of Advanced Level class health and safety are covered. This includes Spotting techniques for Advanced Level and inverted moves, as well as move specific health and safety. More about class management, music licensing, management of instructor’s professional development and the Code of Ethical Conduct are also discussed within this part of the course.

Extra Flexibility
A detailed look at how to safely gain flexibility through a variety of stretching methods. Over 15 pole focused, Extra Flexibility Stretches are covered within this course to help students understand what to achieve their flexibility goals.

Planning & Teaching Classes
A a detailed and informative breakdown of the how to’s of planning and teaching classes. This is the part of the course when the class structure is explained and illustrated with examples. The class template is provided so that trainee instructors can practice writing their own plans. This is the actual class planning structure used by The Pole Studio across the UK and in South Africa.

Learning and teaching styles are discussed to help trainee instructors understand the varying needs of the students. This will help in the successful planning of pole fitness classes.

Also covered in planning & teaching classes: Advanced Level gripping positions. All the different ways of holding the pole have specific names and they’re worth knowing as they will assist your move breakdowns when instructing.

Conditioning exercises are another essential component of class planning. All parts of the body are conditioned. Conditioning exercises are relevant at all levels of pole fitness teaching, especially when building strength for more difficult moves. Conditioning improves strength, technique, encourages balance in the body and therefore helps to prevent injury. Learn how to create and teach Advanced Level routines. Routines comprise of sequences of tricks, spins, transitional moves and floor work.

Advanced Level Syllabus
A detailed breakdown of each of the 25+ movements, with photographs and videos, from The Pole Studio Advanced Level syllabus. The Written move breakdowns are used to help trainee instructors learn how to explain the syllabus repertoire as well as discover common links between move breakdowns. This knowledge will enable trainees to analyse and explain movements outside of The Pole Studio’s syllabus as well.

Alternative Class  Planning Templates
Pole Circuit, Pole Pyramids and Pole Vs Bodyweight are some alternative class planning templates to keep class plans fresh and challenging. Using your repertoire of conditioning exercises and pole moves, find innovative ways to avoid the fitness plateau and prevent boredom with these additional class planning templates.
Also in this chapter, Pole Expression Choreography. Guidelines for choreography, how to execute movements and working with students to create their own choreography are all covered.  

Assessment Workbook
An additional workbook that guides trainee instructors through every element of their assessments. Know what is required during the practical assessment presentation and for the written class plans.

Are there prerequisites for attending The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Programme?
Students must have reached at least intermediate level in pole fitness before starting this course.
All courses are currently only available in English, therefore fluency in the English language is required. The Distance Course can be studied at the trainee instructor’s own pace. The distance course must be completed within twelve 12 months of enrolment. Trainees are required to be in good health before commencing any practical elements of the course.

Students must be over 16 before commencing The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Programme. 16 and 17 year olds must have written consent from their parent or guardian before commencing the course.

Students must have the required equipment and materials in order to complete this course. Please see ‘Equipment and Materials that you will need for the Distance Course’.

Students who wish to take this course must already be at Advanced Level in pole fitness.

If you do not pass the course, what happens?
The Pole Studio has an Appeals Policy, this means if you think you should have passed, but the assessor did not give you enough points, you can appeal the assessor’s decision. Distance course students will have one chance to re-submit their assessments for free. Further re-submissions are subject to an additional fee.

What training materials are included?
Each of The Pole Studio’s Instructor Training Programmes come with their own 160 page training manual and Assessment Workbook. These documents are currently emailed in PDF format.
Students will also be required to download the online video content in order to learn the required moves, the set routines and sample sequences.

Equipment and Materials that you will need for the Distance Course:
A pole, or access to a pole. Please ensure that the pole used is safe, industry standard and in a safe environment for your training and class delivery.
A safety mat.
Laptop or computer with an internet connection. Mainly for email communications, Skype support, uploading videos, viewing training videos, typing up assignments and general internet research.
Video camera/iPad, smart phone, to record your assessments. Be able to upload the videos to the internet, to be viewed by your assessor.
Please see Recorded Assessment Guidance for more information.
Please note that you will need two volunteers of the appropriate level to take the class that you will record as part of your final assessment.

Preparation for the course:
Please make sure that you are fit and well before commencing any courses. If you are feeling unwell or have become injured, you may not be able to continue with the course until you are fully recovered. The Pole Studio does not take any responsibility for injuries that may occur to you or your students during the course, or when practicing for the course. If you are unsure of any physical or medical conditions that you have that might prevent you from doing pole fitness, please ask us at The Pole Studio before starting the course.

Course fees and payment:
The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Distance Course costs R3000

UK/EU £175.

Please pay by PayFast using the button below. Alternatively BACS/EFT details can be sent to you.

Please also complete a registration form.

Once payment has been received by The Pole Studio, the course materials can be sent out and you can start your training.

Course fees are non-refundable. You have the option to transfer to The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Programme face to face course. This is subject to an extra fee and is subject to availability.

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