Whether you are taking a course for fun or as the first step in training for your new career, we know that you need as much information as possible to help you make the right choices. We are honest, open and transparent about all of our courses.

We take a great deal of pride in working with all of our clients and answering questions and concerns promptly. If there is anything else you would like to know that we have not included in our FAQs, please contact us directly.

What do I need to wear?
Wear comfortable gym clothing that you can move freely in. You will need to wear close-fitting pole shorts in order to grip the pole with your legs. However for Introduction to Pole Fitness Instruction it is not compulsory to wear shorts. Wear a close-fitting vest top or crop top for Intermediate and Advanced Level Courses. Wear warm outer clothing such as a tracksuit to stay warm during theory sessions and on breaks. You may wear trainers or go bare foot. Bring a small towel to wipe the pole.

Do not wear any moisturisers on your hands, arms and legs. Moisturisers make your skin and the poles slippery. This is dangerous for you and other students. Slipping on the pole will prevent you from achieving the techniques.

Who is pole fitness instructor training suitable for?
A high level of fitness and strength is not required. In fact one of The Pole Studio’s training courses may be the starting point for you in your pursuit of a fitter and healthier lifestyle. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

In order to join The Pole Studio Beginner Level Instructor Training Programme, you will need to be capable of the basics in pole fitness. Join us for private classes and courses if you need to get your basic pole skills up to scratch. Please read the ‘Prerequisites of Joining’ the course that you are interested in, or contact us to discuss your personal requirements and experience level. We will be happy to help you choose the right training course for your needs and goals.

Can I join a course even though I do not have any experience in pole fitness?
We recommend that you sign up for classes or courses at your nearest Pole Studio in order to learn the basics before joining our beginner level instructor’s course. Our instructors will make sure you are ready to join the course.

Am I too old or too young to do pole fitness instruction?
Candidates for courses must be at least 16 years old. Candidates under 18 must have signed parental consent forms. There is no upper age limit for our courses. We welcome everyone who is keen to learn about pole fitness instruction, whether it is your first job or a career change/addition in later life. Prerequisites apply for each of our courses and you must be in good health in order to participate.

Can men join the courses?
Yes. Men and women are welcome on all of our courses.

I am concerned about a medical or physical condition that I have but I want to learn how to instruct. Can I still join?
This depends on the type of your condition. Please contact us if you are unsure if you will be able to participate. Normally we will ask you to get consent from your doctor before joining a course.

I am pregnant. Can I still join a course?
The Pole Studio does not accept pregnant students for courses due to health and safety risks.

I have just had a baby. Can I still join a course?
Under normal circumstances, it may be possible to return to pole fitness training at 12-16 weeks after having your baby. However, each person is different and we recommend that your doctor clears you for exercise before returning to any form of training.

Which course shall I attend first?
This very much depends on your previous experience and certifications. Here is our course list in ascending order of difficulty.

The Pole Studio Beginner Level Instructor Training Programme intended for students who can already perform basic level pole fitness moves. The distance course option is also available.

The Pole Studio Intermediate Level Instructor Training Programme – intended for students who have an accredited beginner level instructor certification and can perform intermediate level pole fitness moves. The distance course option is also available. 

The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Programme – intended for students who have passed The Pole Studio Intermediate Level Instructor Training Programme and can perform advanced level pole fitness moves. The distance course option is also available. 

The Handspring Course – intended for students who have already completed The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Programme and who have maintained consistent advanced level training. Students who have achieved an advanced level with other training providers may also be able to join this course.

Are there payment options?
It is possible to pay for accredited 2/3-day courses in two halves. 50% of the payment is due at least four weeks before the start of the course, then 50% will be due prior to the course dates. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more detail. Payments can be made by bank account transfer, PayPal, PayFast or by cash if you visit us in person.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?
The Pole Studio does not refund course fees. But if you let us know at least 48 hours before the start of the course you may be able to transfer to the next available course date but fees may apply. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

What if I fail my assessment(s)?
We are confident that you will pass your assessments! We will help you every step of the way. However, in the event that you do not pass one of your assessments, you will be able to do a re-sit. You have the right to appeal if you think you should have passed.

I have done pole fitness classes at another studio. May I still attend instructor training courses at The Pole Studio?
Yes. We welcome students and instructors from all studios to join our courses.

I have taken pole fitness instructor training at another studio. Can I still attend instructor training courses at The Pole Studio?
If you have taken a pole fitness instructor course previously, you may be able to join The Pole Studio Instructor Training Programme at a higher level. However, this depends upon the course that you have already done. Some beginner/basic level pole fitness instructor training programmes will be accepted. Please contact us to discuss the courses you have taken previously. Alternatively, you may want to attend our Beginner Level Instructor Training Programme, even though you have taken a beginner course elsewhere. We think this is a great idea since you can always learn more about teaching beginners, before progressing to teach higher levels.

Can people observe the courses?
People who are not attending the courses may not observe. However our courses are frequently observed by other instructor trainers and supervisors for quality assurance and internal verification.

I am already teaching pole fitness classes. Is it worth me joining a course with The Pole Studio?
Yes. It is still worth joining one of our courses. As instructors, we never stop learning and developing. By attending one of our courses you will learn new moves and new instructional techniques to help your students benefit highly from classes. We are proud of our tried and tested approach to pole fitness class management, and we look forward to sharing our approach with you. By acquiring more knowledge you will broaden your horizons and become a well-rounded, well-informed pole fitness instructor.

I am already intermediate level. Can I join the intermediate course?
It may be possible to join The Pole Studio Intermediate Level Instructor Training Programme if you have completed an accredited beginner level instructor training programme with another training provider. Please let us know which course(s) you have done before in order to gain access to our intermediate level course.

I am already advanced level. Can I join the advanced course?
To gain access to The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Programme you must have completed The Pole Studio Intermediate Level Instructor Training Programme as one course builds directly upon the next.

I want to learn about Handspring teaching. Can I join this course even though I have not done advanced level instructor training?
It may be possible to join The Handspring Course even if you have not completed advanced level instructor training. Please discuss your previous experience and certifications with us.

Can I request to be trained by a certain instructor trainer?
Please refer to our upcoming dates to find out which instructor trainer is delivering which course. If your preferred instructor trainer is not listed, please email us with your request.

Can a Pole Studio instructor trainer deliver the courses at my studio?
Yes. A Pole Studio instructor trainer can come and teach you any of our courses in your own venue. Depending on the location, minimum numbers and travel fees will apply. We also will require your studio to be fully equipped in order to run a course safely. Please ask us if you are interested in hosting The Pole Studio Instructor Training Programme in your own venue. We are happy to travel within the UK, Europe and Africa.

Can I work for The Pole Studio?
Like any training provider we do not automatically employ people. Please ask us if you are interested in working for The Pole Studio. We always look forward to the prospect of expanding our team. From time to time there will be vacancies for new instructors. We recommend that you maintain a high level of practice following the course in order to be considered for mentorship with The Pole Studio.

What is the earning potential for a pole fitness instructor?
This varies a lot from country to country. Many people instruct part-time for the extra income and the enjoyment of pole fitness. However, it is also possible to build up the number of classes you teach over time. Pole Fitness instructors who teach consistently for around twenty+ hours per week can support themselves on their earnings from pole fitness alone.

Can I open my own franchise of The Pole Studio?
There is the possibility of opening your own franchise of The Pole Studio. There are a number of prerequisites for any potential franchisee. It also depends on which area and country you are in. Please contact us to discuss your interest in becoming a franchisee.

Can I become an instructor trainer?
It is possible to train to become an instructor trainer for The Pole Studio. The training process involves meeting a number of skill-based and theoretical knowledge requirements. Before becoming an instructor trainer you will also need to have been a regular instructor at The Pole Studio for at least three years.

Will you help me get employment as an instructor after the course?
We are happy to advise you on where to look for employment opportunities as an instructor. From time to time we also have vacancies at The Pole Studio. Please let us know if you would like assistance with getting employment following the completion of your courses.

Will I get a pole fitness certification or qualification from attending a course?
The Pole Studio’s accredited courses offer a certification in pole fitness instruction. In content, our accredited courses are comparable to a Level 2 qualification.

“The terms ‘Certification’, ‘Accreditation’, ‘Qualification’ and ‘Endorsement’ are used interchangeably between different organisations, and between different countries. Courses seeking approval need to be mapped against a national educational framework or training protocol. This can mean, what is relevant and recognised in one country, is not necessarily so in the next country.

When choosing your pole instructor course, it is important for you to know what level it is and against which standard the course is mapped. You also need to know whether or not your certificate will be recognised by a prospective employer, insurer, or your national fitness register. All legitimately recognised courses will have publicly available, transparent information as to the exact level and outcomes you can expect.

Will I be able to obtain employment or start a business abroad having taken instructor training with The Pole Studio?
The Pole Studio Instructor Training Programmes equip instructors with the knowledge and skill set to set up pole fitness classes anywhere in the world. Local/country specific knowledge of the legalities of business set up will also be valuable to anyone wishing to set up pole fitness classes in foreign countries. The Pole Studio Instructor Training Programme certifications hold value with pole fitness organisations internationally. Keep your course books and certificates and any signed off mentorship hours to show your experience to a prospective employer. You are likely to be asked to undergo further mentorship/supervised practice with your new employer as well.

How can I keep my skills in pole fitness teaching up to date after the courses?
We recommend that you maintain a high level of practice and do not let your newly learnt instructional skills go to waste. Continue training with The Pole Studio by taking private classes and joining courses. Tracey Simmonds offers online courses via Patreon. Please visit this link. https://www.patreon.com/traceysimmonds

Who wrote The Pole Studio Instructor Training Programme courses?
Tracey Simmonds wrote each of The Pole Studio Instructor Training Programmes and all of the 1-day courses.
Sarah Brown edited and supervised the creation of the courses.

Tracey started training in pole fitness in 2005. She has performed and competed internationally throughout her career, and remains active in national competitions. Tracey was the winner of Pole Theatre SA Artistic category 2017. She was the Pole Championship series winner in Africa 2016, and a finalist at Arnold Classic in Ohio in 2017. International Pole Champion 2012 1st Runner Up in Pole Fitness, she was also a finalist in Pole Art 2012. Tracey won the second ever Miss Pole Dance UK. Tracey continues to work internationally hosting Beginner to Advanced Level workshops in pole fitness. Tracey co-founded the South African Pole Sports Federation in 2010, which is now an IPSF endorsed national federation. Tracey created and presented ‘A Comprehensive Guide to Pole Dance,’ the instructional DVDs. Tracey created the FIPO Basic Trainer Pole Fitness concept which now continues to be taught in Europe by Ahlsport Master Trainers. Tracey’s interest in health and fitness started in the 1995 when she started studying dance at school, then at college and university. Alongside her dancing studies Tracey also studied health, psychology and qualified as a Nurse. Tracey is now a certified Pilates Mat and Equipment Instructor, certified in Exercise to Music, Gym Instructor, PTLLs, Assessors, Barre Concept, IPSF Pole Sports Judge and the a certified Personal Trainer, having studied ‘Diploma of Exercise Science’ with HFPA. Her key interests lie in representing and promoting pole fitness as a reputable, enjoyable and safe form of exercise. It is Tracey’s belief that all pole fitness classes should be led by a qualified, experienced, passionate and professional pole fitness instructor.