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Sarah Brown, The Pole Studio Director:

Sarah is the founder of The Pole Studio, one of the largest Pole Fitness studios in the UK. She has 20 studios, four of which are full time, in the South East of England and one in South Africa, run by Tracey Simmonds. Between Sarah and her 17 instructors, The Pole Studio teaches over 800 students on a regular basis and trains instructors from all over the world. Sarah has a BA Honours in History from London University and was a journalist for 12 years for publications including The Times, The Express newspaper and Heat Magazine. Sarah also has a number of fitness certifications including, ‘Exercise to Music’ instructor, teacher and assessor. This means that she is fully qualified to teach and assess both Pole Fitness students and instructors. Sarah is President of the Polesafe Federation which is dedicated to keeping the pole industry safe.


Tracey Simmonds @traceysimmondspole, Course Author:

Tracey started training in Pole Fitness in 2005. She has performed and competed internationally throughout her career. Tracey was the Arnold Classic Africa Pole Champion in 2016. She was also the International Pole Champion 2012 1st Runner Up in Pole Fitness, she was also a finalist in Pole Art 2012. Tracey won the second ever Miss Pole Dance UK. She continues to work internationally, hosting Beginner to Advanced Level workshops in Pole Fitness. In addition to Pole Fitness, she is a qualified Pilates instructor, Personal Trainer and Barre Concept instructor. Her key interests lie in representing and promoting Pole Fitness as a reputable, enjoyable and safe form of exercise. It is Tracey’s belief that all Pole Fitness classes should be led by a qualified, experienced, passionate and professional Pole Fitness instructor. By introducing this qualification to South Africa Tracey hopes to make a positive impact upon the Pole Fitness industry.


Helen runs eight of The Pole Studios in the UK. Helen is an Anti Gravity Yoga Level 1 instructor, an ‘Exercise to Music’ instructor, a Level 3 Sports Masseuse and a Pole Studio Fitness Instructor at Advanced Level. Helen has also completed her teaching and assessing qualifications, allowing her to teach and assess both pupils and instructors in her known fields.


Holly has been training in Pole Fitness since 2005. She is the manager of The Pole Studio Dorking, the largest Pole fitness school in the UK. Holly is a PDC approved 4 star instructor, qualified in ‘Exercise to Music’, PTLLs, Assessors, and she is a qualified ‘Personal Trainer’. She also has a degree in Sport and Leisure Management. Holly has many years’ experience instructing not only Pole Fitness but also Pole Silks, Aerial Hoop and TRX. Holly believes in the highest quality of instructing and works as an instructor at Brighton University, supporting the Pole Fitness Sports Federation, which helps to create opportunities for students to experience Pole Fitness.


Charmaine started lessons with The Pole Studio as a way of motivating herself to get fit and toned. From her first lesson, Charmaine found an instant passion for Pole Fitness and loves how the sport has not only increased her fitness, but has made her stronger and more flexible.
After progressing through The Pole Studio levels, Charmaine continues to enjoy the art of pole as it evolves. Charmaine’s teaching style demonstrates her enthusiasm and she supports her students in achieving their own personal goals.
Charmaine is a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and a Pole Studio Fitness Instructor at Advanced Level, she is fully insured and First Aid certified.


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