X-Pole UK

Types of Poles:
There are many different types of poles that can be used. Below are a few examples.

Studio Poles:
If you are opening a studio and are looking to purchase poles we recommend that you use fixed permanent poles. These come dual lined and can be either 1 piece or 2 pieces. These poles are then attached from the ceiling and the floor. The main reason behind this is the strength. The poles will also last a lot longer as they are dual lined and designed specifically with studios in mind.

Home Use Poles:
If using a pole at home, a removable pole can be put up and taken down easily and quickly. Removable poles can be fixed to the ceiling by a ceiling plate with a permanent fixing but the poles themselves can be taken away or you can use an upper dome. These poles are pressure based and can be placed either on a solid ceiling or a metal or wooden beam. These poles cannot be placed on a false ceiling.

Poles over 3370mm or 132.7 inches must be permanent and reinforced. Check with the manufacturer for structural details.

Free Standing Pole:
Free standing stage poles are recommended for ceilings higher than 4.5 meters or studio spaces with false ceilings. These units have round bases with a diameter of 1600mm.

We recommend X-POLE International – X-POLE have been manufacturing poles for over 12 years and are the most renowned in the industry.

All Pole Studio instructors can receive a 30% discount on their first studio order on all X-POLE products (except X-STAGE/X-STAGE LIGHT) by contacting sales@x-pole.co.uk and quoting that you have completed The Pole studio Instructor Training.

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